7Freight Services

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Efficient Land, Ocean, and Air Freight

Maintain a positive relationship with your customers as we assist you with on time imports and exports.  You can rely on us to safely and efficiently move your product from point A to Point B via land, ocean or air so that you can serve customers globally.

By Water

Shipping goods by boat is one of the oldest types of freight transport. We provide import and export services for customers to U.S. and foreign ports. Additionally, you save on ocean freight when you come to us because we offer competitive rates for full container, LCL or RO/RO service.

By Air

Get your products to market as quickly as possible with air freight service from our company. Whether they need to reach a domestic or foreign destination, we can move your air cargo using the most effective method based on your needs.

By Land

We also hit the road for customers who prefer trucking to transport their products. Our truckers have been tested and have proven themselves to be reliable. We work together with them to minimize costs and arrive on time.


US CBA and TSA regulations are constantly changing; it is our job to keep track of these changes so you do not have to.  As these regulations change we will keep you updated on how to appropriately handle your shipments both nationally and internationally.